Brusca Field Notes


I am gradually scanning all my field notebooks into pdf files.  So far I have scanned through 1997.  Most of my collected specimens were deposited at the: Allan Hancock Foundation, University of Southern California [transferred to L.A. Co. Natural History Museum some years ago], Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, San Diego Natural History Museum [wet collection], and National Museum of Natural History [Smithsonian Institution].


1971.  Sea of Cortez Brusca Field Notes 1971 Sea of Cortez.PDF

1972.  Estero Soldado, Sonora, Mexico Brusca Field Notes 1972 Estero Soldado, Sonora, Mexico.pdf

1972-73.  Misc. Mexico Brusca Field Notes 1972-73 Misc. Mexico.PDF

1973.  Friday Harbor, Washington state Brusca Field Notes, Friday Harbor (WA) 1973.PDF

1974.  Scripps R/V Alpha Helix Baja Expedition, Jan.-March 1974 Brusca Field Notes 1974 Scripps Alpha Helix Baja Exped, Jan-March 1974.pdf

1974.  Misc., Sept. 1974 Brusca Field Notes, Sept 1974.PDF

1975.  Misc. Brusca Field Notes 1975.PDF

1976-78.  Misc. Brusca Field Notes 1976-1978.PDF


1978-79.  Misc. Brusca Field Notes 1978-79.PDF

  1. 1981. Costa Rica Brusca Field Notes 1981 Costa Rica.PDF

1986-87.  Costa Rica Brusca Field Notes, Costa Rica 1986-87.PDF

1981-1988.  Mexico and Hawaii Brusca Field Notes 1981-1988 Mexico & Hawaii.PDF

  1. 1985. Bahamas Expedition Brusca Field Notes, June 1985 Caribbean Exped.PDF

1985.  Belize Expedition Brusca Field Notes, Nov. 1985 Belize Exped.PDF

  1. 1986. Galapagos Brusca Field Notes 1986 Galapagos.PDF

  2. 1988. Mediterranean Brusca Field Notes 1988 Mediterranean.PDF

1991.  Mediterranean Brusca Field notes, Mediterranean 1991.PDF

  1. 1992. Mediterranean Brusca Field notes, Mediterranean 1992.PDF

  2. 1995. Namibia Brusca Field Notes, Namibia 1995.PDF

1997.  Western Australia Brusca Field Notes, W. Australia 1997.PDF

1998-99.  Patagonia-Tierra del Fuego Brusca Field Notes, Patagonia (1998-99).PDF

1989-95.  Polynesia Brusca Field Notes, Polynesia (1989-1995).PDF